Driving in Australia, Melbourne

Driving in Melbourne is an experience to be savored. It offers a way to experience the magnificent natural scenery, the wide open spaces and many destinations that can be accessed by car. In Australia, distance is measured in meters and kilometers whereas speed is measured in kilometers per hour.
Most Australian vehicles have the steering wheel on the right side, making drivers to use the left side. Driving laws are highly enforced in Melbourne and public and personal safety is of high concern.

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The speed limit within residential roads ranges between 40 to 70 km/h. When driving in an area with schools, the speed limit should be maintained at 40 km/h during weekdays throughout during school term. Speed limit on major roads can range from 60 – 80 km/h and 110km/h and above on highways and country roads unless there are signboards indicating otherwise.


Seatbelts should be worn by passengers and drivers in all public and private cars. There are special laws that concern children and child-restraints in Australia Melbourne. Most vehicles bought from overseas do not comply with these special laws and hence are not eligible for use in Melbourne.



It’s illegal to use phones when driving in Melbourne. Drivers can however use a hands free earpiece. They can alternatively pull over to use the mobile phone.


It’s illegal to drive when drunk or while using drugs. Fully licensed drivers are not allowed to drive a vehicle when alcohol level is more than 0.005 per cent. Probationary drivers must have a zero percent reading at all times when driving. Random breath tests are common on Melbourne roads.


All motorcyclists and cyclists are required to wear a helmet at all times on the road.


Temporary drivers can drive in Melbourne without a driving license as long as they have a valid overseas license or an international driver permit.

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Starting a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing business is an easier way of earning income through marketing products created by others. This is probably one of the many different ways to make easy cash, but also requires proper strategies for an affiliate or as the business itself. An affiliate earns commission for each purchase made courtesy of their links posted in other websites. It is termed as an easier way of earning income as the affiliate is not interested in making follow ups after the sale to clarify customer satisfaction, but rather selling the products by promoting them. We highly recommend Google Sniper course if you want to learn and start an affiliate marketing business.

affilate marketing

With affiliate marketing business, there is no limit as to the amount of money a person can make. The amount is rather dependent on the list of email contacts and successful links posted. It will also depend on the products selected for promotion. The best way to maximize an affiliate business is to act in a more professional manner. This is simply creating a personal affiliate marketing website and application of online marketing strategies.

In order to come up with an affiliate marketing website as fast as possible, one may consider the fast website construction software applications such as WordPress. The next tip will be on selecting a theme for the constructed website. The theme should be easy to install and enable easier management of the website. One of the best rated themes for affiliate websites is Rethink as it is search engine friendly and compatible.

Once a website is finished, the next big move is on the selection of the products to be promoted on the affiliate website. Products selected should be those with a higher purchase in the online stores. Method of product promotion also matters a lot. The SEO keywords for the website should be high ranking on the top search engine lists. This is for the purpose of earning more leads to the website. In order to make the website more professional, an affiliate should consider using a redirect link with a plugin. The plugin simply redirects customers to the website.

With time, the affiliate marketing business will grow in terms of the number of different products being promoted. It is therefore advisable for every affiliate to maintain a spreadsheet of each and every product that they have on their website. A track record of the products will reduce the chaos that is likely to erupt as the number of products being promoted increase with time.

Using links on social platforms as well could help increase the number of purchases courtesy of the affiliate marketing business. The affiliate should always be active and up to date with online marketing news. This is for the purpose of beating fellow affiliate competitor businesses, as there are already those who stabilized earlier.

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